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Here's to continuing fun and fellowships during our Autumn activities. 
Wishing those affected by the floods the strength to get through the challenges ahead.



(Strawberry Tarts)

For some women who, after spending a great deal of time working, raising families, as carers, volunteering and extending themselves to others, finding ways that will hopefully ease our passage into a purpose-filled later life can take some navigating. 

There is no objective reality when it comes to defining what we find personally meaningful that provides one with a sense of purpose as we are all wired differently.

Some people feel purposeful when they experience a sense of direction, others when they are engaged in nurturing and still others when they are immersed in nature. The key is to know what works for you. Learning to live your purpose  and finding your own happiness and contentment is essentially a spiritual exercise, and thus an “inside” job.

For many of us, our work years required conforming to external guideposts and demands.  As mature women we have the opportunity to develop new skills that are typically more reflective, such as attentive listening, uncomplicated interactions with others and trusting in the rightness of it all.

Strengthening your inner landscape allows us to find new ways to fulfil ourselves, and focus on the positive and hopefully an opportunity to grow our circle of friends and acquaintances.

Why do some women become Red hatters?

What is it about this ladies only organisation where mature women over the age of 50 decide they want dress in purple outfits teamed with a red hat and gather with others for social activities?  This can be answered easily; because they CAN and Red hatters have learnt that women of any age still know the benefits of FUN and laughter and that sense of playfulness.


Fun is whatever you want it to be: relaxation, recreation, adventure. Simply put, fun is doing something for no other reason than to give you some joy.  It is essential to life but can often seem quite elusive. After keeping up with the daily responsibilities of being an adult, fun can often feel indulgent, as though it is something we must earn. Red hatters find joy in the midst of life’s craziness – and don’t feel guilty about it.


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