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                 END OF YEAR ROUNDUP

As Redhatters make the most of every opportunity to enjoy life and have fun and do not  conform to another person's opinions, ideas, or suggestions, there were again tons of opportunities for Aussie ladies to find those treasured moments of care-free relaxation with fellow like-minded women during the many social activities held around the states in the past year.

Yes, there is a frivolity in their intention, but a strong and supportive connection in their purpose. Kudos and Congratulations is extended to everyone that was involved in organising, or participated in all the individual group events throughout 2017. Equally important are those that organised the larger multi-group functions. It takes the big and small activity programs to keep it all interesting.

Over the past year there have been many occasions to celebrate: Australia Day, Valentine’s Day, St Patricks Day, Easter, Aussie Red Hat Day, Big Morning Teas and Xmas in July. Then come springtime activities, through to Halloween and the summer months and now celebrations of Christmas. And in between there was a multitude of events that filled the social calendars of many ladies, resulting in the continuation of those red hat fellowships that women love to share. 

Looking back through the many photos of the past year’s coverage it is obvious that there was much laughter, shared over many meals, for many a birthday, at themed parties, Black Fridays, pool parties, High Teas, picnics, birthdays, coronations, craft and race days, and so much more. There were Treasure hunts, road rallies, pampering sessions, cruises and games days. For some activities there were dress-ups and dress-downs, plus many other frivolous or sometimes more serious functions. A number of ladies and groups played host to local and international visitors.


                                                 Looking forward to many more Red hat adventures for 2018.

Hatters gather for no other purpose than to enjoy the content of the activity with a pleasurable or fun feeling, and always love to share laughter. Life experience and common sense tells us that everyone loves to have a good time.

If you are not already involved, and feel you would like the opportunity to be involved with a social group of mature women who enjoy their social opportunities together and have found new purpose to living a healthy and grateful life, give yourself the gift of friendship as a member of a Red Hat Chapter.

You are welcome to email this site:  [email protected]  for more information about joining the many groups around the country as listed on the “Contacting Groups” page :

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