Sharing Australian Red Hat Information

Around the states over 380 Red hat groups continue to share the fellowships that comes with being involved with this social arena for mature aged women and no doubt planning for this year’s activities will be well advanced.  Happenings could include anything from the simple coffee meet ups and chat time, to meals at any time of the day or night and more chatting, movies, theatre events, bus trips and excursions, etc, etc.  In the mix could be parties to celebrate whatever comes along, be it seasonal, or otherwise and lots of other activities that will fill the social calendar for another year.  Whatever the pursuit ladies will endeavour to have fun and share some special times together, which is all part of being involved with such a fun-loving association of women.


Since the start of the new year the Peppers have been out and about having fun with their Red Hat Sisters.


They  joined Queen Marivi and her girls for lunch at The Sun Lai Chinese Restaurant on Bribie Island where fun, food, and laughter abounded.


Redpepper joined a bus full of Red Hatters, off to QPAC, to enjoy the musical, 'Ladies in Black' which was organised by Queen Julie of The Red 'n' Purple Ragers, so of course everything ran like clockwork.


The Peppers  also joined in with ladies from a variety of groups, to celebrate the 8th Birthday of The Scarlett Ladies.


Empress Redpepper took the photos at Queen Marie's Coronation in 2009 and  can't believe that was 8 years ago.


I guess the time passes quickly for Red they are always out enjoying each others company.


And long may that be so!!


Dame Edna, Roving Rubies of Kincumber NSW celebrated her 93rd birthday in air conditioned comfort in the Hairy Goat Bar at Kincumber Pub on one of the hottest days.

It was the traditional bikini party for her and the girls fronted up at the bar. It made the "breasting the bar” take on a whole new meaning.

The R’Rubies are all in awe of her planning her next Gosford show winning decorated cake and her entries in the sewing section. Usually wins first prize every time.

Queen Lilimarlene has issued an open invitation for any Red hatter in the Gosford are on  the first Thursday of the month  to join them in their monthly luncheon held at the Star Buffet at Gosford Leagues Gosford  gathering at 11.30am  

Please phone Marlene to arrange a seat booking: 02  43698367

                                 SPECIAL BIRTHDAY FOR DAME'S QUEEN

The Dames Down Under (Sth Plympton, SA) hold their regular monthly gathering at Gay's Arcade where they enjoy their morning chat over coffee.  It was a special occasion for Queen Dame Dancing, Countess Colleen  who will celebrate her 70 birthday during February.


The first activity of the year for the Hawkesbury Happy Hatters was a celebration of Elvis' birthday with some trivia as well as some fun activities. There was lots of laughter and frivolity which seems to happen whenever these ladies are together.


They liked the idea of the Elvis Festival at Parkes but did their own version by having the Elvis Day at one of the member’s homes whose surname is Parkes - so the Elvis Day was at Parkes.


Due to health issues Queen Dee was unable to attend but Elvis sent her a nice message on the day  which was a nice touch.


Upcoming activities are High Tea as well as a Nepean River Cruise and a Quilt Show, but the most exciting activity will be Q Dee’s Coronation to be presided over by Queen Lillimarlene in April which will also celebrate the group being established 4 years ago.

                THEATRE EVENT - QLD

A group of 37 red hatters went to see Ladies in Black at QPAC’s Playhouse organised by Queen Mum Julie (Red’n Purple Ragers - QLD). The theatre was packed and it was a little surprising to some to see the number of men in the audience as it is very much a ‘ladies show’ – however, when they were singing one song “Men are Bastards” it went down very well and there was lots of male laughter.

As well as a good turnout of Red’n Purple Ragers other invitees included Queen Marlene Gadabouts,  Queen Marivi and her deputy Rosemarie, Empress Redpepper, Denise Magill, Queen Dorothy and a few of her Bling Babes.  Due to a very late cancellation QM Julie offered the spare ticket to Dave, their bus driver.  When asked what he thought of the show – his reply “It was different”!!

Some of the ladies enjoyed some decadent food, while it was reported that others ate a healthy (sort of) lunch – and the white wine helped wash it down!