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Feelings of inspiration throughout one’s life can come from many prompts. Spring is a good example.  It is a great time to assess if your life is in balance and plant the “seeds” that you would like to blossom in the coming months.


Focus on spring as a time of new beginnings and resolve to do something you’ve often considered, but never got around to.  It could revolve around creating an inventory of your health, exploring your creativity, awakening the diva within, volunteering your time, reorganizing your highest priorities and re-evaluating your commitments; and “upshifting” the overall quality of your life.

Woman viewing this site will probably be classed as mature and have no doubt found that having a rich social life after 50 is absolutely possible.

 Having lots of life experiences often brings wisdom, and you are more likely to be in touch with what does or doesn’t bring you joy and better able to make choices accordingly.

During your life you usually create your own destiny within family, career, friendships and community. With friends, all are unique. Some will be lifetime friends that are next to family, some social friends, other acquaintances. Learning to appreciate the various types and unique forms of value each friend brings, allows you the opportunity of how much and what kind of energy you choose invest to whom and inevitably, the type of social life you get to enjoy with others.

As a member of a Red Hat group, women find many similarities within the friendships formed. One of the notably benefits associated with this social connection is the joys of sharing laughter and fun.

Registration is currently  open for the 2018 GIRLFRIEND'S GIGGLE being held in Townsville 20 - 22 July

Details for  2017 activities and  listings for 2018 can be found on the
“EVENTS 2017–2018” page

The Cruise Ship Season
is here again and the Tasmania Red Hat Chapter "Hatters To Go"
Wish to Welcome Red Hat Cruisers Down Under!


If you are calling into the Port of Burnie on the North West Coast of Tassie between Wednesday 11th October 2017 - Saturday 12th May 2018 The Hatters to Go would love to have a Coffee n Chat if time permits.

See EVENTS page for more details

The call has gone out to knitters from around Australia to help create 60,000 poppies to mark the centenary of the end of World War I in November 2018.

It is hoped the poppies will carpet part of the grounds at the Australian War Memorial (AWM) in time for commemorations.

Each poppy knitted will represent an Australian life lost in World War I, with the Great War remaining the costliest conflict to Australia in terms of deaths.

Out of the 416,809 men who enlisted, 60,000 were killed and 156,000 were wounded, gassed or taken prisoner.

To help the poppy project, a growing group of Canberran’s with a flair for fabric regularly meet to add to the growing haul of poppies by knitting, crocheting and felting more creations.


If you are not already a red hatter and this idea interests you, or you feel it may interest someone you know, you are welcome to email this site for more information about joining the many groups around the country as listed on the “Contacting Groups” page

Please email: [email protected]

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