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ATTENTION ALL R'HATTERS:  Queen Lilimarlene is looking for a Red Hatter with the title of Princess Paris.  If you are this person or know of her, please ask her to contact Marlene (Roving Rubies, Kincumber NSW)  regarding a glitter badge order: [email protected]

On a sadder note for the Roving Rubies, their oldest member Dame Ida Denny
recently passed away  at the ripe old age of 101 with a memory and sense of humour
that we could all wish to have.



Queen Janine has been with The Scarlett O’Hatters (‘cos frankly m’dear we don’t give a damn) since the beginning of November 2005. They are now moving into yet another new era with Janine announcing her abdication from the reign of Queen of the Scarletts, a role she has enjoyed and proud to have held for the last five years. 

Janine relays: “I found it was so easy to reign over such a wonderful group of caring and sharing ladies of a membership of approx. 80.  Red Hatting has a fabulous ethos of Fun Friendship and Frivolity and like many of you I have added many friends to my address book, not just with our group but across Australia. What a wonderful organisation we are, wearing our lovely red hats and our purple clothing greeting life with humour, verve  and élan, receiving smiles and compliments on our happiness, wherever we go. Which is the reason a lot of ladies want to join us.”

Janine is very proud to introduce the new Queen, Wilma who will be known as Queen Daisy. She has agreed to look after the members for the next two years, along with her Vice Queen Viscountess Vivienne of Vamp – Viv and First Lady of Fizz and Fiduciary Files – Blair.


Janine will now be known as Baroness Poppi and is looking forward to enjoying being a Scarlett O’Hatter.  Shewill also play a role as the liaison/ contact for the chapter and  hopes everyone will shower Wilma with the same support and friendship  extended to her. Long Reign Queen Daisy!


Incoming Queen Daisy has advised she is happy to do her best to keep this wonderful group sailing for the next two years. She states she has yet to find a more diverse group of ladies that shows so much support and friendship to its members while at the same time having so much fun. It has been a godsend for her, as she is sure it has for a lot of other red hatters.  Wilma is very proud to be part of the Scarlett O'Hatters.




After 2 years of reigning over the Strawberry Tarts (Ashby WA) Queen des Fraises et Champagne – Lyn has now retired, with incoming Queen of Tarts, Kerry, now leading the ladies for the next 2 years. Her coronation will take place in September.


Lyn’s message was relayed in her final contribution to the S’Tarts Quarterly Newsletter, where she thanked all the members for their support and expressions of gratitude for keeping them entertained and enjoying times shared.  Two years have passed very quickly and they have had some really lovely times living and loving life. 


Over the past quarter the S’Tarts have been shared ongoing fellowships at a great variety of activities as follows:


The 2018 West Coast Commonsense Games was hosted by Lady of Belair (Lee) at her lovely home.

Tables were set up for 4 ‘athletes’ from fictitious countries – being El Dorado; Costalotta; Liliput; Cuckooland; and Brittania.  Each country had its own Anthem and proudly sang it as medals were won.  The event began as Countess Kezzie of Krazy Kapers (Kerry F) ran in with the Olympic torch (French stick bread) and lit the Cauldron (Candle) with her torch (gas lighter)  Empress Bev declared the Games Open!  

Between fun quiz questions, a series of fun ‘athletic’ games were played with each team vigorously vying for medals!   Events included Diving (into a large basket of assorted attire to retrieve a designated item and don it);  Athletics (holding a 50c piece between the athlete’s knees, to drop into a cup a distance away); Swimming (breaststroke and backstroke - ie boobs and backs – like heads and tails; Shotput/Bad breathminton (opening and spitting a breath mint into a cup) and Weightlifting (guessing the weight of a basket of fruit and veg).  Lots of laughs all round!  Overall results were: GOLD to Liliput:  Silver to El Dorado; and Bronze to Cuckooland.  Lunch and celebrations followed.  A fun day had by all!


During April, with picture perfect weather nineteen Strawberry Tarts met for their monthly lunch to the Harbour Terrace Bar and Grill, located within the Hillary’s Marina which offers a generous view over the boat harbour and surrounds. 


As a group the S’Tarts don’t always raise a glass and celebrate Mother’s Day with their Red Hat family.  However after hearing good things about the Lavender Bistro and Boutique nestled in the Swan Valley, it was decided it would be nice to celebrate the Mums and enjoy lunch amongst the lush green untouched fields.  Again the sun came out to keep everyone warm and the ladies in attendance proudly strutted their purple and red.  Given lavender is the theme of the eatery, tables were adorned with lovely little decorative pots of lavender and matching serviettes, a nice little touch!  The boutique shop had such a wide variety of giftware including jams, tee shirts, body lotions and much more. 


During May, the Not the Royal Wedding proved another fun-filled event held again at the lovely home of Queen des Fraises et Champagne (Lyn). Ladies came dressed as guests to the marriage of Ruby Rocker (Lady Fizzwater, Helen) to Reggie Regal (Lady Shortcake, Tracy).  The nuptials were conducted by the Very Reverend Gertrude (Gussy) Bliss (Baroness of the Bath Bun, Rosalie).   Note:  This excellent performance had many believing Rosalie had missed her vocation!  As the two families were avid Dockers and Eagles fans, all guests wore something to support the family.  Interestingly – the count on both sides was pretty well even! Also in the bridal party were Lady Luva Life (Sandra W) – father of the bride; Duchess Shiraz (Val L) – mother of the bride; Lady Dancing Diva (Kerry O) – mother of the groom, and Countess Kezzie of Krazy Kapers (Kerry F) – father of the groom; and Princess Rapunzel (Elaine) – who was the cheeky Pippa the bridesmaid, who had everyone laughing with her big bottom antics! The ceremony was followed by a reception lunch of delicious barbecued chicken kebabs, (thanks to chef Duchess Shiraz)  a wonderful array of salads, hot dishes and desserts to die for!  Speeches by the fathers of the bride and groom were a highlight of the day, surpassed only by the sudden arrival of baby Regal!!

During June ladies enjoyed the car journey from Perth to beautiful Pinjarra for the Festival.  There was lots to see, old farming equipment buildings with one giving out free wine tasting, Evendale Homestead with its wonderful display of antiques, pristine vintage cars and op-shopping, plus and amazing array of market stalls, the most popular being the Lavender stall!  Then there was the $12 lunch at the Premier Hotel in their beer garden, and of course trying to beat Bev’s car to a garage sale on the way home!   A lovely day to be out in the countryside with ten other lovely Tarts, exploring, laughing and building memories together.  

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers was a lovely morning of musical nostalgia.  Only five Strawberry Tarts attended this one, but they were delighted to find a dozen or so other Red Hatters at the same show – all from the Breakaway Belles group.  After the film they enjoyed lunch at the Dome in Warwick.  

And then their Big Mid-Year event – Re-registration and celebration of the “O” birthday ladies during the year – in the theme of Black, White and Bling.  The Frolicking Tarts entertained all with a fun rendition of “Lily the Pink” with enthusiastic audience participation.    Another highlight was the inclusion of a Photo Booth by Stormy Booths. 


Retiring Queen Lyn was congratulated for the amazing day she organised and her choice of the venue, caterers, menu, and more made this event a total success.  It was as an absolute winner!!


The monthly Craft days at the lovely home of VQ Val (Duchess Shiraz) continue to be popular. At the latest gathering ladies concentrated on repairing broken bling and other jewellery.  Veronica (Lady of Sparkles & Bubbles) was thanked for showing the many ‘tricks of the trade’ and also Roberta (Lady Novara of Stirling) demonstrated how to correctly thread pearls and beads, to prevent them from all falling apart if the thread breaks.  Both ladies generously shared their knowledge, their craft boxes and their tools of trade, and were very helpful indeed to those with fingers that felt like all thumbs.  A productive day was had as they worked, chatted and lunched together with the usual supply of wisdom and giggles. 

                                           MORE PHOTOS ON THE GALLERY



The Tropical Pearls of Cairns had a wonderful celebration for their
5th birthday with a Tropical Party at the Ellis Beach Bar and Grill.



In her latest Damely Natterings, Queen Colleen reflects on receiving several unexpected gifts – some tangible, some intangible. 


The tangible gifts were photos of herself as a child – photos she had forgotten about, or lost, or have never seen – found among her recently deceased sister’s boxes of photos she had kept.  The intangible gifts came in the form of information about her sister that she did not know, revealed at her recent funeral. 


Colleen goes on to say: “We often dislike attending funerals, finding them depressing and a cause for grief – and of course that is very true and valid.  However following two recent funerals (including my sister’s) I realise how these memorial services and the aftermath of tidying their affairs can reveal charming aspects about the person that we never knew when they were alive.  To me, these gifts from here and beyond are gifts to be treasured”.  I believe we would all agree.


During the Dames recent wanderings at the Central Market recently, some of the ladies (including Colleen) found red hats to add to their collection – more unexpected gifts.  They had a delicious lunch at Lucia’s, accompanied by much laughter as usual.  


The chapter is looking forward to celebrating their 14th Birthday Lunch at there favourite venue,  Bombay Bicycle Club.




The Roving Red Hat Adventurer’s oldest member, Grand Duchess Pauline got an early start to her 4 July celebrations with family and some of the red hat members. She enjoyed a taste of bubbly along with a few fresh prawns, one of her favourite foods. She was all dressed in her red with her bling and hat and it was her first birthday to be celebrated grounded to the nursing home with oxygen. It was lovely for the family to see Pauline on a good day and enjoying her party. The Chapter has been going 10 years and they have a beautiful collection of photos of Pauline to assemble for family keepsakes.

She always says her birthday goes off with a bang being American Independence Day.



Queen Carol and her Ritzy Red Hatz celebrated their second birthday with lunch at the Redcliffe Golf club with thirty ladies having a great time, especially the entertainment by Lady Eveready, a comedian who was a member of Mulberry Tarts.  She is so funny - pity she has 'retired' from Hatting.  Lady Lynda organised some games which was great fun and she also provided some lovely prizes for the winners.

A lovely lunch was enjoyed in each other’s company, with a complimentary drink from the Purple Purse, plus raffles with beautiful donated gifts and major prizes of cash -  always a hit with the winners. Thanks was extended to Countess Kate for her work selling the raffle tickets.

Lady Scarlet Rose, Cheryl, Lady Leonie and Dame Wendy did a splendid job of decorating the tables -  they looked so good. 

All in all a fun day together. 

More pictures on RRH's album.



A recent Hoot to Roma Street organised by Queen Nik aka Janey Kyle-Scott seen about 50 Red Hatters meeting up in Brisbane city after training or bussing it into the city for a photo and then lunch in the gardens.  A really nice time was had by all.



The Hatters to Go have been having great time sharing fun, frolics, and laughter!

Viki, Contessa of Co-ordinating and Caravanning hosted one of the group’s June adventure at Emu Valley Rhododendron Gardens, Romaine where16 lovely ladies welcomed winter with a fantastic soup/sandwich/slice luncheon at the beautiful gardens. New Red Hatter, Nan was welcomed into the chapter. HRH Queen Mother Jean won the mystery parcel and the lucky simile placemat. Of course, Hatters songs, plus a special Birthday cheerio over the phone to Trudy, were all part of a fun day. The Catering staff were thanked and joined in the circle to sing ‘Hello Hello Who’s Your Lady Friend’.


For the 18 Red Hatters who gathered at the Seabrook Hotel, Somerset for a Sisterhood lunch, it was another opportunity to share jokes and laughter and friendship.