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It has been a busy few weeks for the Happy Hawkesbury Hatters.


A Lunch Get Together at the home of one of the newer members gave the group members the chance to find out more about each other. The next day a small group of HHH’s went to Winterfest - a Medieval Festival which was a lot of fun. Both days had great weather which made it even more enjoyable.


Christmas in July was also held at the home of one of the members. The host for the day dressed up as a purple unicorn but the day got so warm that she had to disrobe and dress like the rest of the ladies


25 ladies including many new members played Pin the Nose on Rudolph and had great fun dismantling a Santa piñata. One of the ladies even showed the guests how much fun trampolining can be and no injuries more importantly.


For the Secret Santa ladies had to bring a gift that was either red or purple to the value of $5. It was interesting to see the different ideas everyone came up with. They also had a donation of many different Red Hatter items so everyone also received a Red Hatter gift.

As this was another day of perfect weather they did not need their fireplace that was made especially for the day.


Their next activities include a Cocktail Party as well as watching a performance of Beauty and the Beast being performed by the local theatre group.

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The Ritzy Red Hatz had a lovely outing with the Diamond Divas when they all met up for a Fashion Parade at Sorbet at DFO.  What an interesting event that was.  Not only were they shown some lovely garments, they were given lots of tips on how to wear them and incorporate them with other items in their closets.  The presenter was very informative with clothing modelled by the Diamond Divas who did a great job  An added bonus was the  $25 voucher issued to use for the purchases which encouraged everyone to buy something on the day.

After the parade the ladies all headed off to Bean & Co where they were given a 10% discount off the cost of their lunch.  Seems the Diva's thought of everything.

The R’Red Hatz  thanked the D’Divas  for the invitation and hope to catch up with them again.



There is a new Red Hat Chapter at Hope Island/Montery Key.  Co Queens Linda and Carol of The Young at Heart chapter are making plans for the rest of the year. As it is going way too fast the members are going to make the best of it and continue to have fun. New ladies are welcomed to join in and enjoy all that it brings.


Events noted for August include a visit to the Spice Shop “Real taste of Asia” at Nerang and afterwards they will gather at Carole's home at Holywell for a yummy Curry lunch and also a lunch at Labrador Tigers AFL Sports Club which offers plenty of parking, good size meals and 10% discount for members.


During September the Young at Heart members are going to the Mudbrick Cottage Herb Farm which is Australia’s largest online seller of Organic Herb Plants with over 400 organically grown herbs. They also offer Dried Herbs, Organic Spices, Organic Australian Skin Care, Herbal Teas, Herb Books, and a range of other products that will support a healthy herb life. The ladies will have a morning tea tour and talk re same.


                              MOONTA CHAPTER'S MONTH  THAT WAS

During June twelve of the Cousin Jennies on the Copper Coast members attended the Wallaroo RSL fundraiser for their 100 years celebrations next year, “Dress for Success” and had a great time and all left with a bag or two. Wendy and Queen Crystal also hosted another Royal Afternoon Tea at the Moonta Hotel which was a scream.  There was no expansion on that report as, what happens at a Royal Afternoon Tea stays at the Royal Afternoon Tea!


The ladies also enjoyed another luncheon held at the Royal Hotel and afterwards, coffee and cake and then guess what…..  “SHOPPING”


Q Crystal, Wendy and Jan ventured to Mannum for the inaugural “Queen’s Council” hosted by the Westside Glitzy Girls which was very informative and a great “get to know you time”.   It was decided to adopt the South Australian Red Hat Song adapted by May, a sister in the Elizabethan Women, Wine & Roses chapter, and sung to Marines Hymn as used by the Crows, as the State’s song. Lesley, Queen of Bluebells, was thanked for taking the chair for the first Queen’s Council and it is hoped that different Chapters will host this annual event in the future.


This year the annual State Christmas in June was hosted by the Murray Darlings.  The ladies did an amazing job hosting the event, with 110 ladies attending, it was a huge job. The meal was scrumptious and there was nothing left on the plates. Sisters came from as far as Pt. Lincoln and Kangaroo Island. During the afternoon guests were entertained by different chapters with a few jokes in between that brought great laughter. The Bridge Belles have put their hands up to host the 2018 Christmas in June.




Feedback from ladies who attended the first Birthday Bash for the Ritzy Red Hatz (Redcliffe) assured the chapter members that their first major event, held at the local Golf Club, was a great success. Ritzy Queen Carol was congratulated for the fabulous day that it was and her ladies thanked her for being a great doyenne.


Ritzy Rhonda relays that the group opened the program with the group members singing their theme song, "We All Wear Red Hats", composed to the tune of You Are My Sunshine.  The Ritzy Red Hatters were scattered around the tables with the various other groups in attendance, and the level of noisy chatter at the tables and around the room was testimony to the level of enjoyment.  A delicious lunch was served, after which the host group held a fashion parade of clothes sourced from recycle shops or ebay.  Some of the outfits were quite breath-taking, and their ingenuity was greatly appreciated by the guests.   Raffle tickets were included in the cost of the lunch and there was much merriment during the drawing, as most of the great prizes went to the same table. 


Lady Leonie was especially impressed with the lovely day, as it was her first red hatter event. She enjoyed meeting the wonderful Sunshine Coast Red hatters who she and fellow RRH’s, Kate had the pleasure of hosting on their table. The room look great, the parade was a roaring success and everyone found lots of reason to laugh. The meals and venue was fantastic.  Leonie spoke to a young girl who wanted to know more about what the ladies done and was amazed at how fabulous the ladies looked.


Her Ladyship of the Rose - Jenni relayed that the 89 Red Hatters who attended looked resplendent in their red outfits to mark the occasion and the Ritzy girls gave a fabulous fashion parade of their bargain preloved clothes and accessories. 


Dame Wendy felt their first birthday celebration went off with a bang. The guests nearly broke the doors down to get in as they were so excited to begin the day and the ladies had their shop elbows out at forty paces vying for the bling on sale at ridiculous prices. The ladies had such fun with the fashion show, the outfits were fabulous and also funny. BUT most of all QUEEN CAROL was the best, so elegant and relaxed and the lady of the day.


Queen Carol thanks all the wonderful guests who travelled near and far to help celebrate this special occasion and hopes they found the trip worth it.  And a HUGE thanks to all the fabulous Ritzy Reds – “you are amazing girls!”  To Kate: “You did a fantastic job as Publicity Officer” and to Lady Adie – “To the point, as always”

                                    More photos available on the RRR's album on the P'Gallery.

                         80th BIRTHDAY for

Another Quarter of the year activities has been completed by the Strawberry Tarts (Wanneroo) with lots more Red Hatting fun to follow.


The chapter commenced this period with an amazing 80th Birthday High Tea celebration for the very much loved Bev (Royal Empress Divine).  It was a little difficult keeping the planned celebrations a surprise and Bev was aware of a possible low key reception.  So the mother of all surprise was in store for Bev when she entered a room with some 260 Red Hat ladies there to greet and celebrate her fantastic first 80 years.  Bev’s face was one of total disbelief and she confessed that she thought there was a large mirror reflecting the group.  This was not the case and the numbers were there to remind her of what she has achieved and the lives she has touched when she embarked on her journey to set up Red Hatting in WA in 2004.  A great day was had by all!


It was a gorgeous sunny day spent on the back patio of Sandra (Lady Luva Life)’s lovely home for the 70’s trivia quiz day, with Sandra as the Master of Quiz’s. It was lots of fun diving back into the history of early TV shows. First prize was appropriately, given it was held the day before Good Friday, an Easter Egg with Bev, Kerry and Coral declared the winners.


May was a quieter month, with the regular monthly luncheon being held at Cafe Avellino, part of the Drovers complex in Wanneroo. Nineteen ladies were able to make it and enjoyed the Italian vibe the restaurant is known for.  Meals were all substantial and the ate heartily and chatted loudly, luckily spent in a nice cosy area at the venue.


Next on their list of fine eateries included a lunch out at the new British Bistro in Currambine. This new establishment was worthy of a re-visit as the majority of meals were all received positively. 


Four S’Tarts enjoyed a pleasant morning at the Hollywood Tuesday Morning Show held in the Perth Town Hall.  On arrival the ladies were escorted into the Supper Room for a morning cuppa before they adjourned to the main hall.  The compere, Bernard Carney, gave The Strawberry Tarts a warm welcome. Entertainment was songs sang from Broadway and Musicals.  It was excellent entertainment!  After the show the Red Hatter enjoyed  light lunch.


The Rock n Roll Zero Birthdays and re-registration Party was another sensational activity. Attendees turned back the clock which swept everyone back to a nostalgically glorious time that is remembered with great affection. The costumes were simply gorgeous and the music streamed non-stop from a bright pink juke box, generously loaned for the day by Paula (Lady Delphine). Happy chatter rained upon everyone and only once the entree’ arrived did silence befall.  The Frolicking Tarts put on a great show with a cafe atmosphere and four energetic ladies grooving to the sound of “Happy Days.”  Queen Lyn acknowledged the dedication to detail from the Frolicking Tarts and also the expert dance instruction provided by Kerry (Lady Dancing Diva) and Dennis O’Brien.  It’s the second time the O’Briens have choreographed the dance routine and together with Patrika (Lady Sew'n'Sew) the Producer, delivered an Oscar worthy performance.  The decorations looked every bit the part and the ladies where thanked who voluntarily turned up early to ensure an authentic Rock ‘n’ Roll vibe was created.
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The Dames Down Under (Sth Plympton), who are the longest running chapter in SA  recently enjoyed a marvellous, memorable, fun-filled 13th Birthday Lunch held at the Bombay Bicycle Club. OveR the course of a few hours they laughed and played in true Red Hat fashion. The food was good, the service was excellent; the Club is such an interesting venue.


It was beaut that Jeanne, Marchioness of Yarn, was able to join the gathering.  During a dream, a poem came to Jeanne which she wrote down the next morning.  At the lunch Jeanne read the poem;  here it is, with Jeanne’s permission:


Up on a shelf

with this and that -

A bright red cartwheel-sized Red Hat.

On the brim a fulsome rose,

ribbons and leaves and scarlet bows.

I really want that big Red Hat

but, only a trendy Dame

or the Dr Suess Cat

could get away with a hat like that!

                                    (© D J Matthews, June 2017)

                    ALL ABOARD!

The Hawkesbury Happy Hatter’s activity to the Titanic Exhibition in Sydney was lots of fun and the perfect weather was a bonus!


Each person attending is given a Boarding Pass with a Passengers name on it. At the end of the exhibition you find out if you survived or died thanks to that infamous iceberg.


It was pleasing to know all of the group were First Class and only one did not survive. It was interesting to see the details of each passenger, and if there were any similarities or personality traits to any of the Red hatters.


Queen Dee was pleased to find out she was a socialite. Upon more research she found she was actually the lady known as the Unsinkable Molly Brown who was portrayed by Debbie Reynolds and Kathy Bates in movies of the same name. She was quite a special lady from all reports.


The ladies did look pretty amazing with many people commenting upon that. Many people asked questions as well as taking photos of the ladies and also with them, including a few males, with one donning a red hat.


Each month the HHH group continues to grow which Queen Dee considers a great thing. One new lady attended the Titanic activity and more importantly she will be joining in again.


The group were looking forward to another busy weekend of hatting with lunch at the home of one of the new ladies, while Sunday some were attending the local Medieval Fair.


Some forward planning includes a Christmas in July event which is sure to be another great day.


 Check the Titanic photos coverage in the Hawkesbury Happy Hatter’s album on the Gallery .