Sharing Australian Red Hat Information

Red Hatters around the states will don their felt bonnets and scarves and head out for more  fun and frivolity.   Cold weather does not stop them from having a great time whenever they gather.


71 Red Hatters from Sydney, Gosford and Kincumber, Anna Bay, Newcastle, Maitland and Lake Macquarie enjoyed a lovely day catching up with other Red hatters and passing a few hours in the company of likeminded women who found lots of reasons to laugh and smile, and of course chat with each other. There were 7 Queens present on the day who enjoyed catching up with each other, and for some,  getting to know relatively new queens personally.


Queen Denise of Gosford and Queen Jan of Teralba organised the luncheon at the Wash Tub Restaurant at the George Washington Hotel, Stockton.  The ladies from Central Coast travelled by train, and caught the bus to Newcastle and took the ferry to Stockton.  It was a full day for those ladies.  Others more local came by car.


Queen Lilimarlene from Kincumber had some of her Red hat goodies on sale – hats, bags, bikini tee-shirts and a few items of clothing left from what was once a large collection which she has sold for many years. As production has now ceased she will concentrate on selling just on a few smaller items in the future.  Marlene was most generous in donating three lucky seat prizes.


Marlene also produced her bridesmaids outfits – the story behind those includes over 90 of her ladies dressing as such for a special function they had and now put themselves “out there” to be back up bridesmaids!!!   The addition of the Coles “Down, Down” ukuleles, is a new addition to their repertoire.


All in all it was a  nice way to spend a sunny Saturday in the company of lots of happy ladies who entertained each other and other patrons in the Hotel.


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                                                                                                    RAIN WAS NO DETERRENT 

A wet weather drive to Lismore didn't deter the Sassy Cassies June outing to the Banzai Japanese Restaurant. Fifteen Sassy's and one Alstonville Red Hatter enjoyed varied menu choices. Queen Betty and Judy were the June birthday girls. Diva of the day was Mary-Ann. The usual questions were fielded from fellow diners asking why they were dressed like this and oh you all look lovely!  

Lismore experienced major flooding 10 weeks ago (AGAIN!). It is interesting to look for the 'flood marker' on the walls of the businesses that have re-opened (some have not). VQ Barbara, Q.Betty and Cindy aren't even up to the flood water level. While dining the ladies had views from their tables of the swollen creek across the road.



Betty was thanked for suggesting The Fat Fish at Bonny Hills for the monthly luncheon for the Scarlet Women of Laurieton.  There was plenty of room to spread themselves around in the magical setting which is on the beach. It was birthday month for both Betty and Email Female Kaye.

Lots of stories were being told. Red hatters always have plenty to say when together with friends.


Queen Marilyn and her Dazzling Divas of Lawson (NSW) enjoyed their  May outings to the Norman Lindsay cafe, as well as another luncheon after attending the Titanic exhibit being held at Moore Park, Sydney.

Visitors receive a boarding pass containing the details of an actual passenger, come face to face with an actual iceberg, experience spectacular recreations, including the grand staircase of the Titanic and experience the world's largest and most comprehensive exhibition about this iconic ship.

A must-see for families, students, historians and fans of the timeless Titanic story!



Lunch at the Lake Macquarie Yacht Club was most enjoyable and a great chance for the M’Ladies of the Lake to catch up with a few members who have been absent for some time. There was a great choice on the menu and although it was a cloudy day, they were snug inside with that fabulous view surrounding them.  Some watched as a luxury vessel was cleaned and covered, probably in readiness for the owners to take for a weekend sail.  A cake was shared for the June Birthday girls, Maureen and Rosalynd, who were present (and in the absence of Pauline and Stephanie).

Rosalynd bought along her latest creation, a delightful rag doll created and dressed from environmental bags.  Suggestions for a name were offered, with Ann’s “Esmerelda” being the final choice.  Rosalynd reported later that she obtained a few orders on the day from other patrons… Go M’Lady Sew’n Sew!

And as promised, Queenie'A carried over one of the games that was not completed at their recent Lympy Games – unwrap a chocolate wearing oven mitts. There was lots of laugh during this exercise!!  Can recommend as a great party trick!

The group were off to the Movies at Stockrington – a private movie theatre (and drive in) which is always fun day, followed by lunch at the Minmi Hotel.

Some of the M’Ladies were planning on attending the lunch at the George Washington Hotel, Stockton on Saturday 24th June with other groups from Newcastle and Gosford.  


The Hawkesbury Happy Hatter’s May activities included a lunch at the historic Cricketer's Arms Hotel.  This was Queen Dee’s first activity out with her ladies for some time following recent health issues. With the perfect weather and the great company, it was a very successful outing.


Each of the ladies received a Red Hat Cookie and a white wooden rose that had purple tints for their post Mother's Day celebration.


The group also had fun on their Psychic Cruise.

** More photos have been added to the HHH's album on the Photo gallery



Queen Nettie’s Shangrilar’s 2017 event was once again a success with thanks  extended to ALL who attended and helped raised $3200. 

The theme this year was Breakfast at Tiffany's and meet some celebrities.  Marilyn Monroe was there and so was Patsy from Absolutely Fabulous.

The were many happy winners of prizes in the Silent Auction.  The lucky door prizes were all of lovely jewellery donated by {"Tiffanys" of course LOL}. There were some very happy winners of watches, rings and things.  Music was once again provided by a popular local musician Jim Hansen and the ladies enjoyed getting up for a dance or singing along to popular tunes from the movies.  Of course it is always fun to join in the Chicken Dance - you are never ever too old for that if you are a Red Hatter. 

At the end of the day the Shangri-Lars met at the Sports Club to relax and have a coffee with a happy contented feeling of a fun day with everyone looking forward to next year.

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The Dames Down Under – SA  had a fabulous day at the home of Lady-A-Jewell, Daphne.  They sat under the rear pergola and enjoyed the warmth of the sun and the warmth of Daphne’s hospitality, while they tucked into a delicious lunch and shared some stories of their childhood and families. 


Hostess, Daph, told the Dames about her Great-Grandparents’ journey to Australia, the heartbreak and hardship mixed with the prospect of a new life in a new country.  Her Great-Grandmother, born 1808, arrived in Australia in 1849 on the “Nelson”, having lost and buried at sea a 3yo son during the journey.  A daughter was born but lived only 24 hours and was buried at Williamstown.   The family then travelled 90 miles from Geelong to Emu Creek with a bullock and dray over unmade roads, a journey of three weeks.  Like many, Daph’s Great-Grandfather travelled to the Ballarat goldfields without success.  At age 75 and after being widowed, Daph’s Great-Grandmother took on the role of raising her youngest son’s family (after his wife died).  She reared Daph’s Grandfather from infancy, dying in 1909 at the age of 100yrs and 6 months.  (She is seen  in one photo reading from and old newspaper cutting about her family history.)


Lady Grey, Janice, showed had bought along a beautiful silver signet ring which belonged to her Great Uncle, her maternal grandmother's brother.  Her Great Uncle was a dentist who did a lot of work with the aboriginals in the outback. 


Dame Elizabeth Jill’s father was an anthropologist and also a dentist who worked with the aboriginals in the bush, although those two men never knew each other – amazing that two Red Hat Dames have similar connections to our vast Outback.  And who would have known that as a child Jill had adventures in the bush with aboriginal children, and walked alongside the slow-moving Old Ghan with her father, hoping she wouldn’t miss the last carriage when he said it was time to jump on board!  


M’Lady Juniper Berry, June, also had a memorable childhood - in London - witnessing the destruction caused by the bombings during the 2nd World War.  She remembers with great joy the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, and continues to follow the lives of the Royal Family with



June decided on her Red Hat title because when she was a child the girl down the road always called her Juniper Berry and it brings back memories of her!!  (And also, it has been told, because she enjoys a little Gin occasionally, and Gin is made from Juniper Berries.)


Of course one can’t get to this “certain age” without having some stories to tell, and the Dames all came away feeling they knew each other just that little bit better. A BIG “Thank You” was extended to Lady-A-Jewell for hosting this most interesting and memorable day.

Queen Betty and the Sassy Cassies, who celebrated their chapter's 10th birthday with a morning tea meeting held at the Clubhouse at "Gateway Lifestyle" Casino, continue to enjoy their fun times when they meet.

For their recent gathering at the Eltham Pub, 26 'Sassy's and 2 Red Hatters from the Alstonville chapter joined met for lunch, chatter and general catch-up time. The 3 May birthday ladies were sung to. Judy was made aware that her name badge was upside down, 'it must have been like that for months' was her response! Janet was the Diva of the Day.

In the future months the Sassy Cassies will be going to a Japanese restaurant, holding a Christmas in July, Ten Pin Bowling, High Tea, visiting an Art Gallery plus more.


Queen Sandra and her Birds of a Feather (Mudgeeraba) have welcomed the start of winter and the continuing warm days and recently took pleasure in enjoying at lunch at the 'Balcony Café' in Mudgeeraba.  Three of the ladies spotted an op shop that they did not know existed and had to make a quick visit prior to joining everyone else for lunch.  The Café was a lovely venue, with plenty of variety on the menu to choose from.  The raffles were won by Anne, Sandra and Lee.

Another activity was lovely breakfast at the 'Mudgee bah Café'.  The warm autumn weather was perfect for sitting out on the balcony.  From all the chatter, there was lots to talk about around the table.

There were four Movie Days in May and the selection was varied: ‘Going In Style', 'A Dog's Purpose', 'Viceroy's House' and 'Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales'.

June activities will see them lunching at 'Numbles' Café at Budds Beach  and 'View Café', Hinze Dam at Advancetown.

Movie Day selections are usually sorted depending on the interest in attending, the chosen movie, cinema and session time.