Sharing Australian Red Hat Information

             May we all enjoy  much Red hat merriment during the month of May

The Scarlet Women of Camden Haven have again lovely social get together with thanks extended to Faye for organising this gathering.

The weather was superb, the company fabulous and the meal tantalising as everyone got to order whatever tickled their fancy!!!

The groups next luncheon will be held at the Fat Fish Surf Club at Bonny Hills, another great venue within the surrounds of Laurieton.


No doubt around the states there have been a few groups gathering for the Biggest Morning Tea or other functions hosted to support Cancer Research.

Once such annual affair is the Shangri-Lars Biggest Morning Tea hosted by  Queen Nettie at Caboolture which has been reported as being another great success.

Queen Carol and the Ritzy Red Hatz are pictured here with hostess Queen Nettie who was Absolutely Fabulous.

Everyone had a great day dancing, laughing and just enjoying themselves.  Just two of the RRH’s 'dressed'  for the occasion.  Q’Carol tried for Marilyn and Cheryl did a great Mrs Robinson. Just for Fun!

It was a fun-filled day for such a great cause and a wonderful opportunity to see old friends and make new ones. It is an annual event which is always well anticipated. 


Another supporter of Cancer Research is Queen Marivi of The Round Table  (Caboolture) who invited a few friends to her home for a scrumptious High Tea to help raise funds for this worthy cause.

Q’Marivi provided her guests with a superb repast in her beautiful garden and once again attendees enjoyed her excellent cooking skills.

The event was a delightful few hours, enjoyed by all and the happy smiles and chatter attested to the pleasure each guest felt.

Queen Marivi will also be hosting a bigger Fund Raiser for Cancer Research, on August 11th.  Please mark your Calendar.

Queen Marivi, who has long been a supporter and hostess of these events attended, along with two of her helpers Pennie and Jeanette, also attended the 'Thank You' morning Tea held at Maroochydore by the local representatives of The Cancer Council who invite folk who have hosted Biggest Morning Tea functions.

It was a very enjoyable event, where the food and company were excellent, as was the sweet singing from a young lady who entertained the guests.

There was much discussion amongst the guests about their planned events for this year's Biggest Morning Tea and the various invitations extended to each other’s events.

This worthy cause is well supported by many Red Hatters, as well as the wider community.

Pictures from both activities can be viewed on the Photo Gallery.



For those M’Ladies of the Lake who were able to attend their Lympy Games, the event was great fun from the Torch Bearer’s circle and the lighting of the Cauldron  and throughout the games that followed, until the distinguishing of the “flame”.  It was disappointing for those who were unable to participate due to illness, injury or absence – off travelling.

Rules of the games: No outright Cheating, BUT the showing of some initiative was to be expected.

First event was the Croquet Challenge.  Unfortunately Margaret was disqualified for hitting off before the whistle was blown. The autumn leaves on the field did make it a little difficult to determine if everyone passed through all the markers. Eventual winner was Vicki.

Then it was on to the Discus Toss which limbered up the muscles.  After the very hotly contested individual heats and play off, Gail was the eventual winner. Disqualified participant this time was Pauline.   There were no further disqualified M’Ladies for the rest of the day!!


The Pistol Shooting – longest distance shot was between individuals with 3 shots per M’Lady, with a play off. Final winner was Ann.


There was a short interlude for lunch and the coffee bought along in thermos’s and nibbles from the shared plates was thoroughly enjoyed.  Both Pauline and Kris made some goodies from recipes in the M’Ladies Cook book from 2016. 

Pepper Pig then made her appearance and the M’Ladies threw (and threw) balls aimed at her mouth until they got the momentum going, and both Pauline and Nellie were the tied winners for this event.

The String Toss & Roll activity was a little challenging, initially in comprehending  the concept of the event and then, armed with some understanding, the actual throw and roll.  It was initially assumed that by just throwing it the furthest it would result in a win for that person.  But no! One had to re-roll the ball which resulted in the person who threw it the shortest distance actually rolled in an equal amount the quickest. (This concept may sound a little confusing and no doubt in conversation amongst absent M’Ladies in the future, it will become quite clear!!)

The Crepe Braid was another challenge  - three rolls of crepe paper that needed to be braided  amongst 2 teams.  AT LAST, someone showed some initiative and shortened the rolls of crepe! 


The Final activity was the Anything Goes event.  This become the Choko Toss.  Margaret had taken some chokos from her garden and Ann became the catcher. She assumed the position of a swaying clown at a side show, mouth opened wide and caught the balls in the bucket. Kris managed a win, but by this stage the winners were obvious.  1ST: Vick, 2ND Gail and 3RD Margaret, who took home their badges and pot plants for all their very brilliant efforts.


Ann was given the task of extinguishing the Limpy flame and  Queenie’A thanked the M’Ladies for their participation and for bringing along their sense of fun.  She has warned that some of the events that were included on the program, but ran out of time to complete, will be introduced at future functions: eg. unwrapping chocolates with oven mitts on both hand.  THANK YOU Queen Anna (Sassy Sisters of WA)  for this idea.




Everyone had a wonderful time celebrating the Red Hot Motley Crew’s 3rd Birthday lunch held at Easts Leagues Club at Bondi Junction. Ladies from other local Sydney groups were in attendance, including the Redbacks.

Lunch was followed by the sharing of the beautiful decorated birthday cake made by Queen Ann, one of her many talents.  She also surprised everyone with a birthday present.

Q’Ann does an amazing job in organizing the  group’s functions, maybe it is the school teacher coming out in her.

The Red Hot Motley Crew are not only motley (a mixed bag) but red hot as well.

 “It was a lovely occasion and nice to see all the friendships been shared”, relays Evleyn who provided this report.



Tutus and dress up was the order of the day as the Sassy Sisters celebrated their 6th birthday in April, with an appropriate six year old dress up theme.  Many girls donned tutus, or went princess style with tiaras upon their head (what six year old girl doesn’t enjoy being a princess!).  But the prize for the best dressed went to the newest member – Dame Pattie who was decked out as a lady bug.

The venue for the day was one of the Sassy Sister’s favourite – Tavern At The Rocks where the outlook was over a cerulean blue sea flanked by white sands.  So being six years old didn’t stop us celebrating with bubbles, nor enjoying the delectable lunch which was provided.

Before the frivolities commenced two new members were dubbed – Lady Laugh A Lot and Dame Pattie, though judging from the photos this too was a source of merriment, as the former lived up to her name.  Both received their Welcome Gift Bag and entertained all with the story behind the origins of their Royal appellation.

Games were played with gusto and the spirit of play.  Pass the parcel was a hoot, especially when the Queen (who is tone deaf) hammed up her forfeit of singing ‘Happy Birthday” operatic style, while Dame Pattie had us rootin’ and tootin’ country and western style.   And while no one really fudged the rules, short cuts were the order of the day to don the scarf and gloves quickly so as to cut an edible piece off the chocolate bar before the next lucky six was rolled, when the whole thing was repeated.  The longest serving member – Baroness Bo Bo drew the door prize which was won by a thrilled Dame Gypsy Skylark.  Though by the time all the games were played out everyone went home with a prize.

The deconstructed photo frame (after all Red Hats is a dis-organisation) captured the mood of the day.

All in all it was a day of celebrating the girls who make the Sassy Sisters such a fun chapter.    



Bubbles and Butterflies enjoyed a lovely Easter Lunch at Cafe 63 at Runaway Bay. A great Menu was enjoyed and the other people who do lunch were intrigued by the flamboyant attire.

The Easter hats were so much fun and the Easter Scrabble was a hit also. They certainly brightened up the Cafe that day.


If you are at a chemist or tourist centre in NSW and pick up a copy of the May Seniors News NSW  check  page 30 for an article on the Roving Rubies of Kincumber.

It’s a bit of light bit of reading with a good photo of the group.

The Tee shirts are a great idea for a theme and a show stopper. Check with Queen Marlene if you would to buy. See MERCHANDISE PAGE (under other) for contact details.


The Ritzy Red Hatz and their two lovely guests, Rhonda and Julie  enjoying lunch at Sea Salt and Vine  for the chapter’s monthly outing. 

It was deemed a great venue, so with the fabulous company and all on Moreton Bay - what more could one want.


                                                            HAPPENINGS IN STH AUST

Queen Crystal of the Cousin Jennies of the Copper Coast, SA relays that March really lived up to its name of Mad March.

The month started off with a Royal Afternoon Tea at Noleen’s Coffee Shop at Wallaroo where the ladies had a great afternoon getting to know one another.

Queen Crystal travelled to Murray Bridge to attend the Bridge Bells 2nd Birthday which was a Country and Western theme. The event was held at Duchess Dizzy Dee’s home, which was a great venue for the occasion, with heaps of food on offer. During the afternoon “Mary’s Reduation” was held which was done in true Red Hat style.

Queen Crystal and Wendy also travelled to Victor Harbour for the Fleurieu Fillies Coronation.  The crowning of Queen Jacqui was performed with great pomp and ceremony. The glitter and glam was dazzling with diamonds and rubies all over her gold crown.  The venue and the luncheon was excellent.

Mid March the Moonta chapter held a Mad Hatters Tea Party.  Kate and Lyn did a super job with the decorations and put in many hours of preparation to make the day so enjoyable. A couple of fun games bought plenty of laughter and the afternoon tea was delicious and plentiful. Queen Ann and Bronwyn from the Pirietts, also Judy from the Bridge Bells joined in on the fun day.

To end the months’ activities some of the Cousin Jennies travelled to Port Pirie to attend the Morning Melodies arranged by Wendy.  “Magic Moments: The Music of Burt Bacharach” was an excellent show and the ladies later enjoyable lunched and completed the day with some shopping.

All in all a very busy month!