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As we come to the end of another year of (hopefully) Red hat fun and laughter around the states, Season’s Greetings are being sent your way.  May the coming weeks of preparation and anticipation of all that comes with this time of year be manageable and may we all look forward to more hatting adventures in the coming year. For those that find this time of the year not so festive, may your days ahead be brighter.



For now, remember…….. having a sense of humour is not essential to being a Red Hatter, but it sure helps! And humour is a great reckoner when you find your life gets a bit hectic, or difficult to cope with.


Life happens sometimes (that is, all the time), and it often gets in the way of your big plans.  As you age and come to a stage where you have less responsibilities for, and to others, you can reach that phase in your life when you ask yourself: “Where have I been and where am I heading”? When life likes to tip the scales and we feel less than balanced, maintaining a sense of humour  can help.

Somewhere between making daisy chains, forging a career and family and various other opportunities, life’s magic can became a disappointing sideshow. Somehow, your everyday blue sky can turn a subtle shade of grey, together with the hair on your head. But, you should never lose sight that every day is new and each can bring discoveries, wonder, and excitement, and hopefully some fun.

Are you someone who thinks that only children and animals benefit from playing? Think again. Whatever your age, finding playfulness in your life, at any age, makes for happy human beings. The benefits for adults have been found to include improving brain function and heart health, helps us to think laterally, stimulates the mind and boosts creativity, as well as improving relationships with others.

There’s no doubt that some individuals seem to find the essence of happiness more easily than others. There are those that can ‘think themselves happy’ by focusing on positive feelings and events rather than the negative, or by never believing that someone else makes them happy. Although having a strong social network is a great way to build happiness. And it’s good for your physical and mental health too.

Around the states there are over 350 chapters with thousands of  fun-loving women who regularly meet up to enjoy their social interactions. They have found that opportunity to enjoy the magic sparks that brightens up their otherwise routine days when they gather.

Some chapters in Australia have been functioning for over 15 years, that is a lot of positive change for a lot of fun-loving women!

If you would like to be a part of the fun and frivolity please refer to the list on the Contacting Group page for the group locations and email this site for the contact details


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