Sharing Australian Red Hat Information


No matter where in the world red hatters may be, either here in Australia or in Ireland, a group of colourful clad women will always create a brilliant photo.

Refer to the article from Expat, Queen Opal, Wanda on the August news page of the recent 7th European Red Hat Hoot held in Dublin.

Relationships play a key role in health and life expectancy and the benefit of social interaction improves the quality of one’s life especially as you advance into old age. We all have an intrinsic need to feel accepted by others, and connecting with like-minded people could turn out to be the best decision you can make for your mental and emotional health, especially as you age.


Loneliness is definitely a growing reality in our modern world. Personal connection and relationships have arguably been sacrificed on the altar of technological efficiency as our sensory world is being altered by headphone-attached iPods, mobile phones, laptops and virtual reality and offices, etc. We can instantly connect with almost anyone online, but it just doesn’t compare with face-to-face human connection. We can’t hug someone online, or see the change in their facial expressions, or feel the energy of the person through the computer or phone.

Preventing feelings of loneliness and isolation is the first thing that springs to mind when one considers the importance of maintaining meaningful connections in our senior years. Elderly adults who are part of a social group or network that nurtures their interests are far less likely to succumb to the negative impacts of social isolation, and by increasing  their social network  are also helping to stave off cognitive diseases such as dementia and can also help to prolong the length of one's life. 

As the research suggests, we need to build and maintain our friendships as these important bonds protect our physical and emotional well being. When we get busy with our family, work and many commitments, the first thing we do is push away our friendships due to lack of time or energy. We lose sight of the strength we provide each other and the healing benefits we derive from our friendships. The support you receive from social relationships is more important than ever — but it can sometimes be harder to find.


Thank goodness that ladies who are looking for some fun and laughter are able to connect with the many Red hat chapters that are scattered around the states and can look forward to some regular outings and their participation in a variety of activities in the company of other like-minded women.


For a list of groups around Australia please refer to the Contacting Group page for the list of group locations and email this site for the details:   Email: [email protected]


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