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The Round Table has hosted this year’s first Queens of the North. The day was filled with positive energy, helpful suggestions and projects propositions for future undertaking consideration.  On a count of hands, the majority voted to have two meetings yearly (as per the present time).  The positive energy during the Luncheon and Meeting, produced the next 4 future hosts until 2020.  Queen Marivi extended her thanks and appreciation to all the guests for their support and positive contribution to the gathering.

The next host for 2018 will be Queen Davina Holmes from the Blackbutt Belles.  This event will be held towards the end of the year, a date to be confirmed. It is hopeful that all the QoN will support Q Davina and let her know they will be able to attend.

Guests were treated to a succulent two course lunch plus a wonderful display of clothing from the up-coming Bamboozled Bamboo Clothes Label. View: Beautiful coordinated/mix and match creations have been put together with a lot of thought and are combined with a lovely range of matching accessories. The Queens, Vice-Queens and Deputies in attendance had to be moved back to the lunch tables after viewing the displays. This is a label of which we will  surely be hearing more about in the future.

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The Highland Highnesses of Kalamunda continue to enjoy a lively and interesting programme of events, and recently invited 75 Red Hatters from a number of different chapters to enjoy a performance of Menopause the Musical, a very amusing and entertaining musical comedy which was enjoyed by all.   Some of the ladies managed to have a photo taken with the four member of the cast.


More people than the Scarlet Women’s chapter of Laurieton are commenting on how the year is progressing fast.  Their April luncheon has been and gone!! That means that Helen is now another year older and wiser of course, her special occasion being celebrated at the recent luncheon held at Salt & Pepper, which she organised, being the tradition of the group…. if it your birthday you select the venue.


It was a lovely day with a good attendance and the food and company really was fantastic, as always.




Queen Carol (Ritzy Red Hatz) recently attended the 10th Birthday celebrations of the Mulberry Tarts, which was the first chapter she formed. It was a lovely outing for Carol who appreciated being invited to give a little talk about how Mulberry Tarts came about.  One of the original members Lenore McDonald (Lady Eveready) came out of 'retirement' and kept everyone laughing with her unique brand of humour. Such a funny lady. Queen Lin and VQ Lindsay along with The Mulberry Tarts did a great job of hosting a fun celebration and their gift of a cute bracelet to Q Carol was most appreciated.  RRH had a great day. 


The next day the RRH fronted up to Sea Salt and Vine for their normal outing where they shared much chatter over lunch.


Then for their monthly Hatter Chatter they gathered at the Redcliffe Coffee Club which has a private section where they will meet from now on.  Due to changes and growth in the membership there was need to find a new meeting place and the Coffee Club offers great service, good food and coffee and you are made to feel they actually wanted you there. They all enjoyed the morning and voted it in as their new home.




The quarterly news from the Strawberry Tarts is always a great read which started off with reports of an enjoyable sea break with ladies from various WA chapters, a change from the Pool Party the S’Tarts usually have to start another years activities.  The food, entertainment and accommodation on the cruise all received AAA rating, the ladies saying it was smooth sailing and they’d all do it again.  What a great way to kick off the year!


In February the chapter picked up the pace with their first party for 2018 held by the pool at Marlene (Marlinka Madam de Plonk)’s.  This event is always a pleasure and one they look forward to each year.  The weather was just right and quite a few of the Strawberry Tarts took the plunge and full advantage of the glistening water with many friends basking in the surrounds. A buffet lunch of mammoth proportion was provided by all in attendance!  Always a big hit with the ladies who love to cook and share their creations, the quality and quantity of food never disappoints.  Thanks was extended to Marlene for sharing her little corner of Paradise with all.


Kingsway Bar and Bistro was the first dining out experience for 2018 where the service and variety of food available is still very pleasing. Definitely good value for money!!


It was a full calendar for March, starting out on a good note with a handful of ladies heading to the South West of the state for the Amazing Albany Adventure Convention. On what was an incredibly hot period around Perth the weather in Albany on the other hand was nothing short of fabulous. Perfect days to take in the sights or simply meander through the city precinct.  Whatever they chose, they were greeted affectionately by the local people and struck up many a conversation on who they were and what they represent.  Country folk were so friendly, accommodating and more than happy to share their gorgeous town with the Purple Army.


Their next fun gathering was centred on Ireland’s patron saint, St. Patrick.  To mark this occasion, ladies dressed in green and celebrated the day with a fun quiz of a general nature but also in keeping with the theme.  There were a few curly questions on the history of St Pat, which bought up a bit of discussion between answers sourced from either Google or Wikipedia.   Lots of loud cheers and laugher abounds when a bit of competition enters the debate.  Congratulations was extended to the winners. Always a great day with plenty of food to compensate for any loss.  Thanks went to hostess Sandra (Lady Lova Life) who shared her lovely home, put the questions together and made the day a memorable one.




The Merry Mamzelles of Mudgee is the latest new chapter for NSW. Queen Pam and member Pamela welcomed Queen Pam Dubbo Red Hot Flashes and two of her ladies, Dawn and Rhonda on their first gathering held at Albys & Esthers Coffee House and Wine Bar Mudgee in March.

For their next function Queen Pam, members Dawn, Geraldine and Pamela enjoyed their time chatting at Artisans on Lewis in Mudgee and planned to meet again at the Parkview Apartments Coffee Shop as a follow up gathering. 

No doubt the membership will grow quickly.



The Cassino Sassy Cassie’s March gathering took place at Lady Di's rural abode when 16 Hatters attended for High Tea.

Being close to Easter the theme was wear your hat with an Easter touch and some ladies showed their handiwork with chickens, eggs or bunnies adorning their red hats. By popular vote Liz and Beth were a draw for "favourite Easter hat", as it was a warm day they made use of the fan gift! A raffle was held with prizes being chocolate rabbits. Planning for the next few months was reviewed by Queen Betty.  After refills of cuppas, grazing the table of delicious food the ladies had bought and much talking and laughing it was time to adjourn. They were looking forward to the next meeting.


Gay's Arcade in Adelaide is the regular venue for the Dames Down Under to meet each month where they select a café for the day’s gathering. 

Queen Colleen has welcomed a few new members to the group and their recent Brunch at Frewville Foodland was a great way to introduce the ladies to red hatting. 

                                    QUEENSLAND LOVELIES  GERMAN FARE LUNCHEON

The Lockyer Lovelies most recent lunch outing was at a new venue opened in the Lockyer, German Bake and Wurst House. A very friendly mother and daughter made the ladies visit most enjoyable. A different type of menu to the usual but very nice. The group had a lovely time as they always do with so much talking and lots of laughter. 

It makes no difference if there are small numbers or large in the membership of a red hat chapter, they all share the same essence of fun and friendship when they meet.





Birthday celebrations are happening around the states at all times, the Shoalhaven Southern Belles having recently celebrated their 4th.  To help them celebrate Turfco, the local turf and firewood suppliers for the Illawarra and South Coast regions of NSW painted and decorated their cows as Red Hatters much to the delight of travellers driving between Berry and Nowra. When the group was in the paddock having their photo taken all the cars driving along the highway were hooting their horns and waving - lots of love was shown for the Red Hatters.