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Hostess for the day, Carole certainly knew how to turn on the beautiful weather for all the Scarlet Women of Laurieton when they gathered at the lovely location at Bonny Hills overlooking the ocean. They all had a great catch up and a chat....not that we ladies can talk!

It was a great way to wile away the afternoon nibbling on nice food.



The Sunshine Coast Chapter celebrated their 15th Anniversary at Sebel Pelican Waters in the lovely Lorrikeet Room - Sebel was previously known as Crowne Plaza and those who attended the Girlfriends Giggle at Caloundra in 2009 will remember the frenzy of traders in the Lorikeet Room, with an overflow of them out into the hall ways.

It looked a lot more glamorous this time as the hostesses has had gone to lots of trouble to decorate with lots of red - chair covers, sashes, centre piece large martini glasses filled with red organza and silver garlands - Princess Patti Perfect (Pat Brennan) had excelled in making cute 'favor boxes' of red and silver which were filled with Roses Chocolates and the hostesses had donated a number of lucky door prizes - no raffles on this occasion, much to the ladies' delight - so many a fabulous prize was won - Annette was particularly delighted to win the fabulous Italian Leather handbag which Queen Julie had bought (sale price) in New York, as one of the prizes.

Matthew and his assistant, from Bamboozled Clothing at Gold Coast had travelled up and displayed a range of "Royal Purple" - have a look at their web site as they have lots of other colours but this is a line he has designed especially for red hatters:

Frannie, Joan, Annette, Karon and Matt's assistant modelled various styles and showed the versatility of the garments the fabric of which is made from bamboo - very light, doesn't really crush and easy care - really great for travel.  Queen Julie snapped up some ready for the Red hatters "Cruise'n the Blues - Elvis Meets the Legends" cruise in November - says she will be able to 'pack light' for once in her life!

The ladies who usually have trouble buying large sizes were seen trying on the styles in purple and red.

QM Julie welcomed their neighbours Queen Dorothy and some of her Bling Babes as well as Queen Glee and they were happy to share their table with entertainer Paul McKenna (who gained a number of new fans on the day).

Richard and Sam made sure that a beautiful meal was served while the Sebel 'shouted' a welcome glass of wine - Thanks was extended to Sebel and staff.

Richard suggested the groups should do it again some time and that is just what the ladies were  saying but first must get the big annual  Aussie re Hat Day put to bed - a cap of 300 has sneaked over to about 307 so is sure to be lots of fun - certainly lots of great raffle prizes just waiting to be wrapped.


The Roving Red Hat Adventurers have certainly been living up to their name and having lots of adventures of late starting May with their Hatter Chatter at the regular meeting place of Casa Mia Italian Restaurant.|

The theme for the month was Birthday Celebrations as they celebrated Red Hatters 20th Birthday and enjoyed the fun of their party games including Pass the Parcel, which seemed to be finished in record time.

When it came to Pin the Tail on the Donkey the ladies felt it needed a bit of revamping so they decided to partake in Put the Kiss on the Man with some very interesting results. What's a birthday party without Party Bags & Cake which in this case was a Patty Cake in the shape of a Hat.

A High Tea at the local TAFE which has a restaurant was the ideal event for Mother’s Day celebration. They certainly enjoyed themselves as well as giving the staff some training in aspects of hospitality they may not come across every day such as a broken glass or a broken chair just to name a couple of issues on the day. The ladies were all presented with a Rose (Chocolate of course) & a Cookie in the shape of a Hat.

As a number of the members have unfortunately had direct contact with the insidious disease of Cancer the group support as many different fund raising activities as possible. At the Biggest Morning Tea at a local church the collective amount raised was an amazing $3,000.

RRHA’s have already booked in for next year as it was a lot of fun having great food as well as great entertainment including the local school choir and great prizes for a great cause. The group received a phone call from the Treasurer of the Cancer Council thanking them for their support who is now thinking of joining in some of our chapter activities.

Many ladies had not heard of the Red Hatters at the fundraiser so it was good to let ladies know about the organisation – Dee gave out a few business cards that day.

Some of the red hatters are volunteers so their attendance at the Ipswich Hospice Morning Tea was another rewarding activity which celebrated the Volunteers and the great work that the Hospice does, with some ladies having from first hand knowledge.

What could have been a very emotional day was very uplifting. They spoke with many different people and many ladies showed an interest in the red hatters with many stories swapped which was pretty special. A photographer at the Morning Tea was interested and was to meet with the group to take photos and put the story on her blog.


Some of members also attended another Biggest Morning Tea at Jets Leagues Club where they once again enjoyed some great food while supporting a great cause. 


They are definitely continuing to Grow Old Disgracefully while wearing their beautiful Red & Purple.



The Ballarat Ladybirds and members of three visiting chapters had an enjoyable outing when they gathered to celebrate World Wide Hoot Day with a High Tea at Ballarat’s Sweet and Savoury.




The lovely Dames Down Under, St Plympton SA, who will celebrate their 14th Birthday in July, have embraced the sudden winter following a very short Autumn.

They certainly enjoyed their jaunt up the Freeway to Aldgate, with the autumn leaves just beginning to put on a lovely display of colour.  It was warm inside the Aldgate Pump Hotel, the service was excellent and the dessert of Almond and Carrot Cake with Ice cream was delicious, in fact tempting enough that next time they might have dessert first, in true Red Hat tradition!

Jeanne, Marchioness of Yarn wore her Big Red Cartwheel-sized red hat (the subject of the poem she wrote some time ago). She is seen proposing a toast following reading her poem for the benefit of a couple of new Dames.

A tour of the Adelaide Central Market was planned for their next outing.




Sunday June 3 saw Red Hatters from several chapters gathered at the Intercontinental Hotel in Adelaide for High Tea. They were resplendent in their best regalia causing many a head to turn. The ladies added a little sparkle to the already beautiful Atrium of the hotel. The glass of bubbles included in the High Tea kicked off the afternoon just right and the beautifully presented food was plentiful. Queen Lesley (Westside Glitzy Girls) considers they may do this again! It was a fabulous afternoon.



It was truly an emotional day for many when they gathered recently to commemorate the birthday of the late Maureen Hall, more readily known as “For a Royal Lady”, at her home hosted by her hubby, Dave and daughter, Tanya.


Maureen sold her magnificent jewels and red hat merchandise over many years at both group level and at larger multi group functions in Qld and was loved by many for her generosity and warm spirit.


Queen Nettie ( ShangriLars) probably knew her longer than others and shares her thoughts on the lovely day shared by all who once again went shopping at “For a Royal Lady”: 


I am sure Maureen smiled down at our enthusiasm for a bargain and finding something just right on this special day.  Many thoughts were spoken such as “you can feel the love in the house” and “Maureen’s arms are wrapped about you”, “how kind she was” etc and birthday wishes were extended as we celebrated on this her special day.


Maureen was a friend to all and I am sure it was not just to myself that she often gave sound advice and help, but to many other Redhatters as well.  She was generous in marking things down if she saw you really loved something in her shop and as many of us recall, even giving the item away.  


Maureen, we lift our hats high to you and just remember, once a Redhatter always a Redhatter and a Shangrilars.  


Queen Carol (Ritzy Red Hatz) had a special bond with Maureen in that they shared the same birthday date on 26 May. Carol always made a point of catching up with Maureen on the day or within the week and considered her as one of the warmest people she has ever met and will always think of her fondly. 

“Kind, warm and generous - 3 words that come to mind whenever I think of my friend.  It was lovely to meet her daughter Tanya and to be able to say Farewell - such a lovely morning with lots of her friends. 


Queen Joan  (Bribie Island) said  many lovely things and captured the feeling of the day: “She will be waiting for us in Red Hat Heaven”. 


Thanks was extended to Tanya and Dave for giving everyone the opportunity to celebrate Maureen’s life.  Yet another wonderful extension of being involved with Redhatting!




The Hatters to Go of Burnie have had another fun month.


The Cruising ‘n Rambling Bus Trip To Sheffield was hosted by Patty Contessa Cruiser and Jan Madam Rambling Rose who took 20 Hatters To Go Sisters and two friends on a Great Adventure!

Jan ticked off another item on her bucket list when she had a Harley Davidson ride. She was joined in the sidecar for a 10-minute impulse spin with the Matriarch of Chatter. WOW what a ride!!!!

Joan and Leonie  were thanked for their yummy treats, Faye and Merveen for their sweet treats, Judy Lady Winter Moon and Queen Mad~Ham Merveen of Pigalot won the Bus prizes, Thanks also  went to Patty Contessa Cruiser & Chris Lady Peealot for  organising the raffle prizes, It was a fun, adventurous, happy day out and about.


The MECCA ME at the Mecca Restaurant, hosted by Leonie "Lady~La Second Hand Rose" and Carol "Lady Gad~About" was another fab outing. 20 Red Hat members plus two birthday girls Cheryl and Maree  were welcomed to the lovely luncheon where Leonie “Lady La Second Hand Rose”, and Carol “Lady Gad~About“ displayed their Red Hat Memorabilia, which is quite substantial and very interesting., Winners on the day were Viki, Faye, Rosaleen, Joan D & Maree. Special thanks was extended to Leonie and Carol for organising another glorious day out!


For their May outing the Ritzy Red Hatz hired a bus and headed off to Wynnum for some retail therapy at the many charity shops available, where lots of bargains were to be had and they all enjoyed the day.

They wined and dined at The Coffee Club and it was lovely not having to worry about driving home. 

Queen Joan from Bribie was thanked for suggesting the idea.  The RRH were unable to join her chapter in a similar exercise AND decided to do it on their own.

It was a fabulous day out which they might consider doing again next year.

View the RRR photo collection on the Gallery.


What a glorious day it was for the Laurieton Scarlet Women’s May luncheon. The weather was perfect, the food was great and the company was superb.

There was a lot of laughter and great mirth going on which was lovely to hear. Not to mention the entertainment provided by the kookaburra’s.  .....  Irene M was petrified, but they are such lovely birds even if their antics left a lot to be desired!

There was a great roll up with only Linda and Shirley missing, but the visit from Liz who used to be a member until she moved to Qld was a lovely bonus. Also, it was very appropriate as it was also her birthday week!

Queen Linda is still struggling with health matters but the lovely gift of flowers would no doubt have brightened her day.   She hopes to make it to the next luncheon at The Fat Fish at Bonny Hills.