Sharing Australian Red Hat Information


Wanda Queen Opal shares her news of the recent gathering of British Red Hatters at their annual Gathering of Queens. 

The event took place on the weekend of 16th-19th March at Alvaston Hall Hotel in Cheshire and was a fun event.

On the last night they did a conga from one of the bars, through reception and into the cabaret restaurant. No one took any photos but people did clap and wave as they danced past! They had a fabulous weekend and are all looking forward to next year's Gathering.


Over the weekend there was a sprinkling of snow during the event but nothing too dramatic and everyone was able to get home safely.

The view from Wanda’s hotel room window was quite pretty!


The Shangri-Lars Caboolture recently celebrated 13 years of fun-filled red hatting and this whole year again promises to be again full of enjoyment celebrating every month.

The start of the year kicked off with lunches in January and February with Fun and Friendship. Queen Nettie thought this picture at their black and white luncheon captured by Lady of Photography truly says how 13 years of friendship has bonded them together.

​For their March Luncheon they wore some Green to celebrate St Patrick's Day as well as their Chapter birthday.  They had fun telling jokes and really celebrating their 13 years, unlucky for some but they had a little bit of Irish luck thrown in.  They had a great day (not strictly red hat), but lots of fun.


During the event they charged their glasses and toasted "Girlfriends" those near and far.

To make the toast Queen Nettie read out Lunch with Girlfriends by Kathy O'Malley which finishes up.............

.............So whenever we can we get out to eat

Open bottles of wine and forget our sore feet

There's laughing and crying and letting down guards

And when the bill comes, there's ten credit cards

So here's to the girlfriends, those near and far

Here's to the girlfriends who know who you are


Here's to Girlfriends........................


Read full version of the poem:



Recently the Hatters to Go of Burnie descended on the Purple Sage Restaurant in Wynyard. Marie; Lady Eat Out-Shopping and Madam Margaret of Mayhem brought the MAGIC with them as they enjoyed a purplelisious lunch. Madam Margaret was up to her old tricks with some fun and games: She shocked everyone by arriving in the late stage of pregnancy (obviously the condoms and lube Lady Cupatea and Queen Jan of Fabrica gave Madam Margaret a couple of years ago didn’t work!). However, she held up very well throughout the day and we are sure the delivery will be something to look forward to! Hahahaha Happy winners on the day were Janice; Lady Potter~About, Leonie; Lady~La Second Hand Rose, Carol; Lady Gad-About, Jan; Madam Rambling Rose, and Tammy; Miss Betty Boop.

Another special gathering took place when the Hatters To Go welcomed Red Hat Sisters from The Shoalhaven Southern Belles, Roving Rubies, Redbacks, and the Red Hat Motley Crew, all from NSW, who were onboard the cruise ship the Sun Princess and in Burnie for the day.

The rainy weather did not dampen the spirit of the Sisterhood, where friendships and singing were enjoyed by 20 Hatters during lunch at the Mecca Restaurant. Everyone who attended appreciated the gift of HTG Bookmark as their souvenir. Thanks was extended to Lady~La Second Hand Rose and Carol; Lady Gad-About for the table decorations at the Cruise Ship lunch and to Viki, Merlene, Margaret B, Marie, Jan H, Rosaleen, Leonie, and Carol for representing HTG at the lunch. And form making the Red Hat Mainlanders so welcome. Both the lovely HM Joan; M’Lady of Music & Merriment and Duchess Dottie of Used a Lot were on hand at the Makers Workshop for the initial welcoming they did not attend the lunch.


Notes of appreciation were received from Evelyn of the Motley Crew of Randwick thanking them for having the visiting red hatters at the lovely lunch and for making the visitors feel so welcomed. And from Bev - Queen, Shoalhaven Southern Belles, Nowra messages of appreciation for the wonderful hospitality extended to the cruisers.


The Burnig chapter rounded the month off with the 5th Biennial Redhattersmattazz, which took place at Longford. As the weather was not playing ball, the picnic was held indoors in the RSL Hall on the Village Green, which was ideal.

Once again, everyone had a fun, varied, and enjoyable day, sharing the love and fun of the Red Hat Sisterhood with the other Chapters in Tasmania. This is a special time for everyone who value this biennial event.

Amazing record-keeper, Merlene, told all how REDHATTERMATTAZZ started life on Saturday, 8th Sept 2007 in Launceston, and was the brainchild of HTG member Jill Carpenter; Contessa de-Champers, who sadly passed away in 2012.


Thanks was extended to to Co-Queens HRH Queen Mother Jean and Kaylene; Lady de Brew~n for organising the Hatters to Go Birthday Celebrations held at the Seabrook Hotel. 25 members were joined by Queen Lilmarlene from The Roving Rubies, NSW, who was in Tassie for a Family Reunion.  Marlene, along with Queen Heather and Vice Queen Leeann from The Coastal Robin Red Hatters, congratulated the group on celebrating this special event.

Queen Merveen performed two special duties on the day.

Firstly, the official welcome and induction of Rosaleen Perkins; Celtic Goddess to the Chapter.

Secondly, Queen Mother Jean Ray; Her Wineness of Wynyard was Honoured to accept her OBE and Royal Naming as Her Royal Highness on the Celebration of her 80th Birthday, Best Wishes were shared by all Red Hat Sisters.

The photo is a gorgeous portrait of all the current OBE’s.

Sitting Front: Jean Ray; HRH Her Wineness of Wynyard, Back Right: Joan Lean; HRH M’lady of Music and Merriment, Back Centre: Patti Frankcombe; HRH Contessa Cruizer Back Left: Rena Valentine; HRH Lady Twinkletoes. 

Birthday Celebrations continued with the Lucky Lunch Promotion (donated by the Seabrook Hotel) going to Rosaleen; Celtic Goddess. A bottle of wine and the box of chocolates were donated for other lucky prizes by Jean and Kaylene; Faye was the wine winner & Jenn won the chocolates.