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Winners were Grinners at the Hatters o Go Melbourne Cup Lunch where 16 Red Hat Sisters and Friends joined in the spirit of the day. There were lucky winners of the sweeps and the Top of The Town was thanked for their hospitality. Wine and chocolates were awarded to the Race Ladies Merlene; Mer~lene Dea~con~Matriarch of Chatter and Mary; Dame Marie de Bollie.


Jan; Madam Rambling Rose was joined by family, friends and Red Hat sisters on the Celebration of her 80th Birthday.  Chris Lady Peealot made and decorated her Bling Birthday cake and Irish Joe entertained all with an Irish singalong after dinner. She will now be known as HRH Madam Rambling Rose with confirmation of her OBE “Over Bloody Eighty” medal and certificate.


Trudy; Lady Cupatea expressed her gratitude in the late HTG newsletter for 2018 thanking  members for continuing to allow her to produce the monthly newsletter  even though she has been gone from Tassie for almost 3 years! Putting the newsletter together is a task that she thoroughly enjoys doing and it gives her great pleasure to know that ladies enjoy receiving it.  She acknowledged that newsletters would not happen without the help, input, and oversight of Merlene.

           GREAT WRITE UP

Following their 13th Birthday celebrations on Sydney Harbour, the Roving Rubies have featured again in the Seniors magazine for the November issue.

               HIGH SEAS

Queen LiliMarlene also shares her photos from the recent Radiance of the Sea for the Tribute to the Legends - Cruise  and Groove where she met up with quite a few red hat ladies.

The days she wore her purple tee shirt she had redhatters from NZ ACT and Vic come up to her. She managed to round up a few for lunch and a photo shoot in between the 2 shows and 2 meal sittings.

2 of the red hatters renewed their wedding vows on board with Elvis - John Collins including

Monica VQ Wandering Wenches with purple hair and Suzanne of the Roving Rubies.

When in Noumea (6 times now) Q’Lilimarlene  always goes Segway riding and still love it.



                    Introducing a new
    Red Hatter Group in Hervey Bay

A planning gathering was held at the royal abode of Queen Joan where it was decided to start a new Red Hatter group in Hervey Bay to be named “The RUBY REBELS”.

Their first official gathering on November the 113th with 13 ladies (unlucky for some)  was attended by only 9 ladies as there were 2 with broken wrists, one curry tummy!! and one on a cruise.

Never the less, they enjoyed a visit to the local Chocalatier, followed by coffee and yummy treats at “Pie and Pastry Paradise”, then over the road to an op shop where a convenient bed made a good base for a photo shoot.

They recruited two newcomers on the day and look forward to the group growing as they have fun around the Bay.

                 NEWS FROM TASMANIA

The Burnie Hatters to Go have again been enjoying the hospitality of their members when they have hosted the latest activities of the Chapter.

HRH Patty; Contessa Cruizer and Jan; Madam Rambling Rose welcomed 17 Red Hat Sisters for the Healthy Liv-Eat Lunch in Burnie.  Kaylene; Lady de Brew~n and Carol; Lady Gad a Bout were the lucky winners of Patty’s creative china painting gifts. Along with bringing Red and Purple into town, they entertained lunchtime patrons with their singing. A happy day was shared by all.


11 lovely ladies had Devonshire Tea mixed with some fun at Annsleigh Gardens during October. On arrival they were meet a gent dressed from top to toe in orange. After they recovered from the shock, they kept running into him throughout the gardens!! It turns out that he and his wife were from Queenstown. He very kindly took the group photo.

Everyone enjoyed a stroll around the beautiful 5 acre English Gardens, it’s the first time they have been opened to the public for many years.

 The Hatters to Go will again host the Coffee ' n Chat drop in during the Cruise Season at Burnie. 
Details on the Future Events page.


Queen Caz from the Lockyer Valley moved up the coast to a retirement village at Burpengary, 2 years ago, and love it here. She is now a Roving Queen and has also joined Queen Nettie’s Caboolture chapter The Shangri-Lars.

In the past 9 months she has been to many chapters and happily shared their day.Queen Caz shares her memories and thanks those she has met along the way:

Met up with Toogoolawahs Queen Dolly and the Country Duchesses and have been a member of their chapter for about 3 years now.

Shared a 14th  birthday on Bribie Island with Queen Joan and the Red Hot Mommy's in Roaring 40's style.

Attended 2 Queens of the West in Toowoomba where I caught up with lots of old friends. Hosted by Queen Jackie from Cliftons Dashing Damsels of Darkness in May and Queen Sue from Ipswichs Roving Redhat Adventurers recently.

Also last July, visited Queen Nell of the Allora Amethyst chapter where and celebrated yet another birthday, their 11th. As it was also the late Queen Florence’s birthday month everyone wore red to celebrate her life and her passing.
A lot of these chapters have been going for more than 10 years now, something to be proud of.
I was pleased to attend 2 Queens of the North in May hosted by Queen Marivi from Cabooltures Ladies of the Round Table chapter and also the November gathering at Blackbutt hosted by Queen Diva Davina and her Blackbutt Belles.

Somehow there was time to visit Goodna in October where Queen Sue and V/Q Dee along with their chapter Roving Redhat Adventurers organised a 'Hoot'.

VQ Dee has decided to start her own chapter the Bewiching Belles. Good luck to her, the more redhatters the better (smile).

We all know the amount of work that goes into a lot of these functions behind the scenes. In support of that we arrive looking our best and have a great time.

I for one appreciate the invites.
Sorry if I have visited and not mentioned you. The memory is not what it was for a lot of us. No disrespect intended.

Thankyou ladies - In friendship and redhatting
Queen Caz - The Roving Queen                                                 More photos on the Gallery                            


             AND COFFEE CHATS

Countess Colleen, Queen Dame Dancing relays that the Dames Down Under continue to meet every 2nd Wednesday of the month for morning tea/coffee and chat at Gay’s Arcade, off Adelaide Arcade which is a great opportunity to catch up and share some stories. 


Q Colleen has been unable to attend activities of late so Lady Grey, Janice and June caught the O-Bahn, which went through the new tunnel and met up with Zina and Catherine at the Tea Tree Plaza. After coffee they then went on to a very large, well stocked and well laid out Op Shop called Savers. Most of them found treasures and were happy with their finds. After lunch in the newly refurbished food hall and a final look around, they caught the O-Bahn back to Adelaide. An enjoyable day had by all.


Ladies were attending a Melbourne Cup Lunch hosted by Lady Lynne and the last of the 2019 activities had been planned, the monthly Morning Gatherings and Christmas Lunch to be held at Buckinghams Arms Hotel.


Sharing Q’Colleen’s quote, which she adds to her monthly Damely Natterings. (It is quite significant as she is having to use a walking stick for a while):

Develop an attitude of gratitude, and give thanks for everything that happens to you, knowing that every step forward is a step toward achieving something bigger and better than your current situation.     

Brian Tracy



Queen Crystel – Cousin Jennies on the Copper Coast celebrated her 70th birthday with family and friends wearing  the necklace and earrings given to her by the group members to wear with her birthday outfit.  The gift was bought while on a visit to Port Pirie when they met up with the Piretts.


The Cousin Jennies also enjoyed a bus trip to West Lakes for a luncheon cruise. It was a fabulous day with perfect weather and a great lunch. And it was fantastic to have some Pirietts joining them for the day. After the cruise they had 2 ½ hrs to shop. There were some terrific discounts so nobody was disappointed.


Queen Crystel was participating in the Relay for Life Event being held at Wallaroo. Her team were to walk around the Wallaroo oval all night with 11 other teams. For this relay the team has raised over $9,600 adding to their grand total in excess of $77,000 in the 12 years the relay has been in the Moonta area.


Ladies planned on commemorating  the 100 year Celebration of Remembrance Day at the traditional Remembrance service held at the Moonta Soldiers Memorial with Q’Crystal and Kate laying a wreath. This was to be followed by a Community parade and then a family festival to be held in Queen Square.  Group members were dressing in full Red Hat regalia as this was what the organisers wanted as it was not a march of Armed Forces but a street party and procession for the whole community to celebrate WW1 ending 100 years ago.




Queen Carol shares news of her Ritzy Red Hatz’s recent activities including:

Their Friday night out at Bhaan Phat Thai in Scarborough - oh my,  was that yummy!  Fun night out with great friends.

Outdoors luncheon at Sea Salt and Vine - a favourite place for the ladies to enjoy the lovely venue with great scenery and even better food.

Lunching before they joined many other Red Hatters to see Priscilla, which was organised by Queen Kool Jool and her Red and Purple Ragers. It was great to be part of their theatre Group that enjoyed the fabulous show.

High Tea at Parliament House which included a photo opportunity with the Chef. This activity was followed by a tour of the House and Library.  What a lovely day out that was.

And now on to November - where has the year gone???? And another Christmas coming up!





The Shangri-lars had fun at their Fascinator or Hat makeover day.  They had fascinator bases to buy, or BYO your own hat to give it a makeover.  They shared the ribbons, feathers and glitter.  There was morning tea of scones jam and cake then lades enjoyed their own packed lunch to finish up the morning with hatter chatter.  It was a very successful day in every way, forming even greater friendships over discussions of how to make and what embellishments to add, feathers or ribbon.  They helped each other, as some could not even thread a needle.  Queen Marivi of Ladies of the Round Table, who is a milliner in her past life, gave of her valuable time and expert tips and hints on making fascinators or remaking an old hat.  She was thanked for her assistance and sharing her valuable tip about having one hat, but by sewing instead of gluing you could redo that hat over and over again with a simple snip of the scissors which was greatly appreciated. Queen Nettie reports there was so much fun, friendship and frivolity a truly red hat kind of day.

Another wonderful and happy day was had at the RSL Caboulture when the Shangri-Lars hosted their Annual Spring Fashion Parade with clothes from "On Trend" Caboolture.  It was also the 80th birthday of the lovely Sassie Lassie Lady Marlene.  Queen Nettie and the ladies had a few surprises for her and as Marlene is much loved by many in the Red Hatting Community she enjoyed having those friends there to help her celebrate.  The RSL excelled themselves with the food, the fashions were fabulous, and the Shangri-Lar Models were elegant.  There was a rush to buy the lovely clothes on display and everyone enjoyed the day of Fun and Friendship with the added bonus of partaking in Red Hatter’s favourite sport, Shopping.

                                                                           More photos on the Gallery



Earlier in the year the Sassy Sisters visited the local Butler Fire Station.  Queen Anna sends her full report that follow on from the small introduction to her story on the October page:


We were given a warm welcome (pun intended) by our Fire heroes young and old as they took us on tour of their pristinely clean station.  Plus, a talk on fire safety, answering our myriad questions.  All dressed in their blue uniforms they looked every part the professional – only their report was that Dress uniform was very prickly.  On leaving Queenie decided to dash back for extra brochures for those who were unable to make it.  What did she encounter?   Each and every fireman in the process of disrobing to change into more comfortable attire.  Oh, so many bare chested and muscled specimens caused a gleam in her eye!

“We are here to help – if you girls need just call”.  And shortly afterwards, true to their word, they came and took down the storage boxes she had stacked to the ceiling in her more mobile days! 

Fast forward to the present day, and a beeping fire alarm late at night which even her handyman neighbour was unable fix, removing the fixture completely to be dealt with later, leaving it on a chair close by.  Ten minutes later and horror of horrors -  Beep! Beep! sounded again.  This time coming from the super dooper alarm nearby that is monitored back to base!   Sooo, having a direct phone number, what else could a girl do except call on her heroes.  And yes, around came the big red fire engine with control vehicle, together with three youthful Firies (in defence, one was female).

Clearly they have a rating score of what needs attention first.  Before dealing with the mini emergency, 15 minutes went by as they fussed and played with her border collie – The Mighty Quinn (he is beautiful).  If he went missing she told them, she would know where to look.

Then ladders unloaded (extra high ceiling); a set of screw drivers in the box the size of a coffin, and down to business.  Off with the cover, find the security panel etc.  Then the MOMENT.   Firie up on the ladder looks down pointing to the offending article.  Yep, it was the faulty one sitting on the chair underneath with it’s battery still intact.    We had a good laugh all round - though Queenie was a bit sheepish.  They were such good sports.  And believed me that it was an honest mistake.  Do you?

After some more playing with the TMQ it was off into the night.  Well sort of.  10 minutes later they were back as they had left behind their coffin of screw drivers.

So you see, the moral of this story is that you never know what interesting things may come out of an educational Red Hat outing!!  Don’t ever miss them.




At their regular gathering, the Roving Rubies were joined by a few other queens, Anne of the Motley Crew, Robyn of Newcastle and Jess of the new Happy Hearts, some with their vices and held a mini Queens court - as they are all fairly new. Queen Marlene and the ladies had a good chat after the Chapter lunch which had a Movember theme. They raised a few $ for men’s health

And as always, celebrated birthdays.

QM Marlene and VQ Brenda of the Roving Rubies who are both Taswegians certainly got into the spirit of Movember.


Buses have been booked for the Crystal Gala Dinner to be held at Tompkins on Swan, Alfred Cove where approx 300 Red and Pink Hatters will gave have the night of their life!  This event is destined to be the Red Hat highlight of 2018, celebrating 15 years of Red Hatting in Western Australia.  With over $7,500 value in door prizes and over 200 Tombola prizes to be won on the night, attendees have been advised to bring a folding tote bag to take home their goodies. 


The Strawberry Tarts will be attending the Gala Dinner and will also join other groups when they gather at the Kalamunda Performing Arts where the Highland Highnesses will host the Interchapter Talent Show.  Several chapters will be participating with various forms of entertainment and is sure to be lots of fun.  The S’Tarts will be performing three items and consider it will be will well worth the travelling to Kalamunda – which is a nice drive in the company of good friends who car pool.   


For their Xmas celebrations ladies will attend the Tivoli Theatre Christmas Show which is always a sell-out!   And for their group Xmas Party they will gather at The Pavilion at Mindarie and enjoy a 3-course meal, complimentary drink on arrival, and entertainment by The Frolicking Tarts.