Sharing Australian Red Hat Information


What a great time the Hatters to Go of Burnie have been having of late with their fun, frolics, and laughter!


They welcomed spring with a Right Royal Day when HRH Joan M’Lady of M&M & HRH Queen Mother Jean, along with 17 HTG ladies, welcomed 7 Red Hat Sisters from the Coastal Red Robins to the Seabrook Hotel during September.

Lady Connie of Sussex was creative with the best spring hat whilst Leonie; Lady La-Second Hand Rose and Carol; Lady Gad a Bout won the lucky placemats. The tables – and many of the hats - were in full bloom with lots of lovely spring flowers thanks to HTG gardens.


For their Utterly Ulverstone affair, Queen Jan of Fabrica opened her home and started the day with jokes and yummy soup and also rounded up garden seeds and plants for all to take home. Gift winners on the day were Matriarch of Chatter Lady La-Second Hand Rose and Lady Eat out Shopping. Jan was thanked for her most generous heart.


October was greeted with a Special Treat lunch held at Hellyers Road Distillery where a nip or two was enjoyed!! Thanks was extended to Chris; Lady Peealot for her prizes. Madam Margaret of Mayhem, HRH Patty Contessa Cruiser, and Lady La~Secondhand Rose held the lucky numbers. A great time was had by all.



It was a perfect day for the Yella Umbrella walk – and no umbrella needed!  The report from Dames Down Under, The Lady Rose details a very interesting historical tour of the city of Adelaide:


“It was a beautiful sunny day with a touch of spring warmth in the air, three Red Hat Ladies met Bob the Yella Umbrella Guide (a soft spoken Lancaster gentleman) out the front of The Strathmore Hotel at 10am.


We started the tour by crossing the road to the lower courtyard in front of the Hyatt to learn about the mosaic wall depicting a dreamtime legend. The walk continued along North Terrace with many stops along the way to hear about the special historical, architectural hidden details and stories of the movers and shakers who shaped our state over its history.  


Some of my highlights were the statue of Dame Roma Mitchell outside Government House, a visit to the Mortlock Wing of the Library which has displays and pictures of our state's history, with an old diarama of the city's  early days. We were shown where to find the Migration Museum and the old police barracks, then ducked in the back door of the SA Museum on the way to our morning coffee stop in familiar Gays Arcade. 


After our refreshment we continued on with the tour with stops and information at the Town Hall and Queen Adelaide's statue, then viewed the old wall inside the Adina Hotel located in the old Treasury building. 


Our last stop and where we had a picture taken was in the Adelaide Central Market.  After all that exercise the decision was made to have lunch and participate in a little retail therapy, where someone just happened to find a new Red Hat.  A most enjoyable day, with so much history, information and being shown some of the hidden gems in, around and about our fair city.”

Another write-up  came from Lady Grey, Janice –


“Kathryn, Rose and I had a great time. Bob was a very nice, well informed gentleman who came out from Lancashire 50 years ago. He took the history from the first discovery and settlement, backed up with fantastic photos. He took us to the buildings that had survived the longest and we went in to the Old State Library where there are many photos and charts. He shouted us a coffee at Gays Arcade where he saw us on Wednesday! We cut through and ended up at the Central Market where we ladies had some lunch. Good tour, good company.”



The Crimson Cuties of Burrum Heads have been busy Hatting around and having fun.

15 members made the long trip to Caloundra for Red Hat Day and had a wonderful day eating, dancing and meeting new Hatters. It was a firt time for some an a real eye opener.

July saw them dressing in Black for Friday 13th, a real spectacle at the Kondari Hotel which the staff and locals loved.

Morning Tea at the Sticky Fig café came next, with several enquiries on how to join hatting. One man said he wished he could join as we were having loads more fun than him.

A meet up with Queen Jan and Dianne of the Sunny Coast Dazzling Dames who was holidaying in the area, was another chance to dress up and hear what other groups are up to over a lovely Asian lunch.

Queen Betty has had an enforced absence but is back hatting with her ladies and looking forward to the next outings.

A trip to Childers and Bundaberg is on the horizon and before we know it Christmas will be upon us.

“Christmas cakes in the shops already!! Heaven forbid!! reports Joan.